The Savvy Muslim Youth Manifesto: 11 Life Rules to Live By

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The Savvy Muslim Youth Manifesto: 11 Life Rules to Live By

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FINALLY... An Awesome New Manifesto for Muslim Youth Worldwide is now Available!

It is an empowerment guide like no other. 

Calling y.o.u to remain positive and purposeful despite the challenges in life. 

Answer it's call right now for a unique learning experience reserved for a special few. Because you are an Ambassador, you deserve only the best. 

Dear Ambassador, 

This powerful manual will inspire you to live better, learn better, connect better and thrive better; before old age comes knocking!!!

From this manifesto, you will get... 

~ Easy to read text;

~ Poetic inspiration;

~ D-I-Y action points;

~ Practical information;

~ Cool graphics and design;

~ Quotes from Qur'an and Sunnah;

... to empower you and our Ummah. 

The Savvy Muslim Youth manifesto is more than a book. It is a companion and mentor available to serve you again and again and again. 

Word after word. 

Page after page. 

Although compiled to be a quick and easy read, you are encouraged not to read through quickly only to abandon shortly after. 

Here's how to get the best out of the manifesto:

After browsing through the entire book, choose ONLY one principle per week to focus on. Read, internalise and try out yourself.

You have some D-I-Y takeaways to guide you. So implement wisely.

As S.A.V.V.Y as you may be or prepared to become, don't get too pumped up that you want to try out all the principles at once - you will only feel overwhelmed and end up doing nothing. 

WARNING: You are only human, so allow yourself to focus. 

If you are serious about empowering yourself and our Ummah, you will level up gradually week by week. All you need is an investment of a few minutes each day to help you:

~ Read and reflect;

~ Remember and believe;

~ Breathe and express;

~ Get renewed and stimulated.

So, are you are as excited as I am to get you started? Grab your smart copy today and invite others to enjoy the same experience. 

The #SavvyMuslimYouth manifesto is a great manual to invest in if you are:

  • A Muslim youth (or youthful Muslim).
  • A Muslim youth group, club or organisation.
  • An Islamic school or centre.
  • A Muslim parent, guardian, mentor or educator.
  • A library or resource/ learning centre.
  • And finally, a lifelong learner.

Join other Muslim ambassadors. Or surprise the youth in your life.

Get your smart copy NOW! 

Amina Edota

(Chief Mentor @YouthlyHub.com) 

I want this!
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